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Store Front Window Glass Paper Posters

I’d like to introduce a new low cost product.

Paper posters can be used either to create full top to bottom window graphics. Or used as traditional posters to to get the word out to the thousands of people passing by your store every day. The pricing on these will be much less than storefront painting or digital printed wraps because there will be no professional install required. We will simply deliver them to your store and you can hang with a tape.  Easy as that!

The way that you order is here. You provide us the exact measurements of your storefront. A straight on picture of your storefront ,what you would like it to say and any other info on how you would like it to look. If you have any images you’d like to use, please provide them if possible. We’ll send you back a total cost on the project and a request for a deposit. Once the deposit is paid,We’ll do a basic layout of how it will look and email back a proof. Once the proof is approved, we’ll print and deliver. Normal turn around time is 4-7 business days.

(When you order, make sure you mention paper posters to get the pricing below)

Pricing Structure

1-99 sq. ft. – $5.75 per sq.

100-199 sq. ft. – $4.50 per sq.

200-499 sq. ft. – $4.25 per sq.

more than 500 sq. ft – $3.50 per sq.

Basic design and delivery within continental us is included. Any design work beyond 1 hour will be billed at $45 per hour.

 StoreFront Window Glass Paper Posters