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SignScientist Window Painting

Most everyone has seen the effectiveness and POW! of a fluorescent sign window splash. They have a long, proven track record of having the LOOK AT ME, I AM A FLUORESCENT ADVERTISEMENT SCREAMING AT YOU FACTOR. And that’s a good thing when you’re looking to get noticed. Of course, fluorescent paint is not for every business, that is why we provide digital printed storefronts as well to match your company image.

This is where we got our start in the sign business. I’ve always been artistic and even in high school I was painting advertisements for various businesses with a friend of mine throughout the community. Over 10 years ago I owned a Tattoo business and when that lifestyle didn’t appeal to me anymore I decided to make a change. I talked to friend of mine from Baltimore MD who was painting advertisements for car dealerships and he nudged me in that direction. I developed a science for quickly and effectively “knocking out” bright fluorescent paint sign splash on windows. It became my passion and a challenge to go out and see who’s window I could conquer next. Of course we still offer hand painted window splash graphics and we can even do them long distance.

The process of doing that is very easy. We prefer if you take pictures of the window and email them to us, but its not necessary if you can’t do that. We do, however need the exact dimensions of the windows to be covered for a more exact quote and for a perfect fit. The graphics will be painted in our shop on a heavy duty paper, trimmed to fit the windows and shipped to you. All you have to do is tape it up with clear packaging tape or something similar. It is that easy. For a quote or any questions just call or click here to email us.

We also paint windshields, sides of cars and just about anything for car dealerships and anyone who wants to draw attention to their products.

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