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SignScientist Digital Prints

Digital Prints can be Printed on a variety of different materials and substrates. Here is a list of many of the products we produce


13oz. Banner, Mesh banner, Blockout banner, Backlit banner, Panaflex, Pop up banner

 Adhesive vinyl

3M Control Tac, Temporary vinyl. Static cling vinyl. Vinyl printed on clear, perforated window wrap vinyl, reflective vinyl, Wall mural vinyl,

Sidewalk Vinyl, Floor vinyl, Exterior wall vinyl, Sticker/Label vinyl,

Sign Boards

Coroplast for inexpensive indoor/outdoor signage, Dibond/Max metal/c-bond,  Foamboard for interior signage, PVC signs,

Gatorboard, Ultraboard, Magnets.

 Other Printed Substrates

Printing on Canvas, Posters, cotton fabric, polyester fabric, wallpaper,

 Promotional Print media

High End Business cards,  Flyers, Postcards,  Hangtags, Posters, Stickers, Labels, Fridge magnets, Envelopes, Brochures, Foil Printing, Plastic cards

Tear-off tickets, Table tent cards.




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