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New York Hot Diggity Dogs Vehicle Graphics/Logo Design

This is the Sign Scientist Blog where we rant, rave, showcase our most prolific achievements and throw shout outs to people who deserve a little shine. Well, on the corner of E. Main st. and N. Church (across from the courthouse) is a man who is dedicated to what he does. His name is Idris “Abdul Wasi” Ali and he is the owner/operator of New York Hot Diggity Dogs.

Take it from a guy from Boston (who thinks New York is Crowded and smells) These Hot Dogs put a soft spot in my heart for New York and I’m proud to have taken part in designing New York Hot Diggity Dogs Vehicle Graphics and Logo. You can contact him at 919-806-7516 to book him for an event. Trust me, he’ll turn your frown upside down.